Someone with Unsoiled Heritage has four grandparents with magical ability. Their parents and their grandparents went to Primachola and, typically, Magischola, and they’ve grown up knowing about the Magimundi and being a part of its culture and governance. Unsoiled individuals likely know little about the Mundane world, as they have less need to interact with Mundanes. There is no proof that magical ability is blood-related or inheritable, but that doesn’t stop members of Unsoiled Heritage from believing that magic does run in families and that by having generations of mages in your line you are superior to those who do not. To be “Unsoiled” means to have remained true to magical roots, to only mix and bond with others who are also from known magical families.

Unsoiled Heritage families often possess considerable wealth and status, and have lives that are laden with power, privilege, and influence, though not always. Some Unsoiled Heritage families are clearly more privileged than others, and that depends on the length of the line, where you are from, and how much economic control your family wields. Those from disgraced Unsoiled families may find themselves facing hard times, or it may be that a family’s wealth never quite seemed to rise in spite of being quite magical. In most cases, being of Unsoiled Heritage means never having any economic-based concern, and usually getting what they want. Unsoiled Heritage families do not hesitate to throw their weight around, and generally that works. Lately, however, younger and more progressive members of the Magimundi have put less stock in one’s heritage and do not give immediate obeisance or respect simply because of family lineage. Furthermore, “Nouveau Unsoiled” lines are popping up, as a wizard marries another wizard, and two generations later, as long as mages keep partnering with other mages, the criteria for meeting Unsoiled Heritage is met. The old families will allow such a technicality, but that is what it is.

Those of Unsoiled Heritage have a great deal of pressure to meet or exceed high standards of success and to uphold their family’s reputation. Young folks of Unsoiled Heritage are often pitted against each other in proxy competition. Many Unsoiled Heritage student at a Magischola who was ever less than perfect in any way has faced the humiliation of being informed that they have disappointed or failed their family. Free spirits who do not tow the family line face the prospect of being scapegoated, disowned, or disinherited entirely. Most every Unsoiled individual has had to contend with their individuality being constrained by the dominant figures of their family.

Perhaps most significantly, arranged marriages are still considered the norm for Unsoiled Heritage families, and that specter looms large for students attending Magischola. It is tradition for the Magischola years to be ones where those of Unsoiled Heritage can engage in whatever romantic entanglements they wish (as long as it doesn’t lead to long-lasting consequences), but that after graduation, such nonsense will stop. Dominant heads of the families are proving to be very resistant to non-traditional marriage arrangements, which is a significant source of stress for those students have found themselves in love with an “unsuitable” partner. Furthermore, many Unsoiled Heritage families have business and political interests in the Magimundi that members of the next generation are expected to join. In many ways, being of Unsoiled Heritage means having a lot of privilege but a lack of agency.

Mages and Wizards of Unsoiled Heritage are sometimes looked upon as lazy, entitled brats who have never had to work for anything their entire lives. Others look up to them with some measure of envy of their privilege and esteem. But generally, they are thought to have significant magical power innately, access to secret magical techniques and knowledge, and a reliable source of wealth within their reach. Having a person of Unsoiled Heritage involved in your project or endeavour can often create the appearance of guaranteed success (can their family allow them to fail?), and therefore invite further investment once the project is identified as a “safe bet.” Some Unsoiled look down upon those of Mundane or Mixed-Heritage. Others care less and still others (though this would be potentially disgraceful in some families) actively advocate for all heritages.

In Europe, this is known as “Hexborn.”

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