Virginia Dare envisioned Virginia Isle as a bastion of freedom, and she enshrined that notion into the Isle itself. Virginia Isle is not a member of The Magimundi and is therefore not inherently subject to Magimundi Law. When Virginia Dare first permitted people to own and lease property on her Island, she sealed the principles built into the Island into those agreements, with the penalty of Rescission, Eviction, Exile, or Defenestration. In recent years, leases have added the potential penalty of Detention in Avernus.

Other than the restrictions placed into leases, deeds, and other contracts, there are no laws on Virginia Isle. Of course the covenants Virginia Dare placed in the Island and on the first deeds must be carried forth in each sub-agreement:

  • Thou Art Forbidden From Theft
  • Thou Art Forbidden From Harming A Guest
  • Thou Art Forbidden From Murder
  • Thou Art Forbidden From Fraud
  • Thou Art Forbidden From Coercion (use of mind magic to compel feelings, thoughts, or behavior)

The original Deeds were to be adjudicated by the Town Council and depending on the severity of the offence, the deedholder would either have their deed revoked, or would be exiled from the Isle. The first defenestration took place in the 18th century, when the convicted was thrown from the Council Hall window. Defenestration is dangerous for untrained wizards, but the odds of not surviving the fall are pretty slim for most who would be sentenced thus. The true threat of Defenstration is the shame it brings on a family, the fact that the individual and their descendants would no longer be welcome in VI society.

Virginia Isle and Avernus

Only recently has Virginia Isle begun to include provisions in their leases and agreements that could lead to imprisonment in Avernus. These are the result of a contract forged between Virginia Isle and Avernus in 1997 in which Hudson and Avernus agreed to provide “temporary housing for certain individuals who consented to such hospitality in lieu of defenestration.” In other words, if someone agrees to be housed in Avernus they may avoid being exiled from Virginia Isle. For social climbers and forward-thinkers a few years in poison gas torture hell might be preferable to being excised from polite society.

But of course a proper Virginian would never allow themselves to be housed with the rabble, so the contract with Hudson stipulates a certain minimum accommodations for these “distinguished guests.” The few individuals from the Isle who are being housed in Avernus are given more creature comforts (food and quarters), protection from the general population, and it is well known that their stays will be shorter. Due to all this, there is a tension between the Isle detainees and the rest of the population of Avernus. On the one hand, there’s a resentment for the extra comfort and protection they receive. On the other hand, there is an opportunity to trade for these favors. The Isle detainees have not been here long enough to establish a solid influence base, and they are eager for more substantial protection than the guards can provide. If that means trading a slice of cake then so be it.

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