The core of a wand is a magical substance laid within the axis of the wand shaft. Usually comprised of hair, feather, or bone fragments extracted from a Magical Creature, the core is the part of a wand that is most attuned to the wizard’s type of magic. The materials used for wand cores can vary widely, although certain wand-makers may prefer to use certain materials. A wide variety of cores have been documented, including cactus cat spine, lightning snake bone, snipe antennae, triple eagle feather, troll whisker, and wyvern heartstring. The properties of the wand core determine the level of sheer magical power the wand can channel and which types of magic the wand has affinity for. The compatibility between the properties of the wand shaft and the wand core are of clear significance, and synergy between them can significantly impact the results of casting. Ill-crafted wands, with a core and shaft that are poorly tuned, can result in unpredictable and even harmful spellcasting. It is believed that some dark wizards purposefully create misaligned wands in order to harness the negative energies and disharmonies for their own power and use. Tricksters with more ability than sense may also build and set out wands with haphazard effects for their entertainment as other wizards attempt to use them.

While there are understood wand core properties, it should not go unnoticed that the wand wood may influence the core's properties. For example, a rowan wand with a humfaerie hair core may be especially volatile and produce powerful, yet difficult to control spells on account of rowan typically being anti-miroven, and humfaerie hair being a miroven component. Other Rowan and humfaerie hair wands, however, might be incredibly weak because the balance between core and wood is different and the two cancel each other out more than compete.

Creature Part Affinity Properties Other
Ahuizotl Fur Water Pro-Water


Nails Water Pro-Water


Cactus Cat Spines Fire Pro-Herbology


Chupacabra Spines Fire REDACTED Information difficult to obtain, either suppressed or redacted.
Fairymaid Feathers Air Pro-Miroven


Illegal to harvest.
Fiddle Spider Legs Earth Pro-Cryptozoology


Too fragile for regular use.
Gillygaloo Breastbone Air Pro-Flying


Gremlin Hair N/A N/A Too reactive to use safely.
Teeth N/A N/A Too reactive to use safely.
Hoop Snake Stinger Earth/Fire Pro-Attack Do not use as a wand extender.
Humfaerie Hair Air/Water Pro-Miroven


Illegal to harvest.
Hugag Bone Earth Pro-Defense


Gives magical boost.
Jackalope Antler Earth/Fire Pro-Attack


Makes powerful wands.
Jersey Devil Bone Earth Pro-Attack

Pro-Ritual Magic

Very difficult to obtain.
Hair Earth Pro-Ritual Magic Difficult to obtain.
Kumcharangi Bone Earth Pro-Defense

Pro-Death Magic

Don't get bitten by one.
Lightning Snake Bone Air/Fire Pro-Electricity


Mannegishi Finger Bone Water Pro-Charm


Mermaid Hair Water Pro-Charm


Illegal to harvest.
Mishipeshu Antler Earth/Water Pro-Attack

Pro-Elemental Magic

Makes powerful wands.
Spike Water Pro-Defense

Pro-Elemental Magic

Makes powerful wands.
Mothman Feather Air/Earth Pro-Ritual Magic


Usually fake.
Nunnehi Hair Earth Pro-Charm


Probably wand core properties; illegal to harvest.
Polhappler's Mantis Antennae Air Pro-Movement


Revenant/Lich Arm Bone Earth Pro-Dark Magic

Pro-Ritual Magic

Legendary item.
Sasquatch Hair Earth Anti-Dark Magic


Snipe Antennae Earth Pro-Charm


Difficult to find one of sufficient length.
Snow Dragon Bone Earth/Water Pro-Attack


Makes powerful wands. Good luck finding authentic bones.
Soucriant Muscle Fiber Air Pro-Blood Magic

Pro-Dark Magic

Must be treated to prevent rot.
Thunderbird Feather Air/Fire Pro-Defense

Pro-Elemental Magic

Legendary item; illegal to harvest; highly regulated.
Triple Eagle Feather Air Pro-Divination
Heartstring Air Pro-Divination
Sinew Air Pro-Divination
Vampire Hair Earth Pro-Blood Magic


Illegal to harvest.
Troll Whisker Earth Pro-Healing


Waheela Hair Earth Pro-Attack
Wasco Paw Bones Water Pro-Water
Wyvern Heartstring Air/Fire Pro-Defense


Makes excellent wand cores.
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