Werewolf (Lycan)
Homo lycanthropus
Family: Humanoid
Classification: Para-sapient
Manifestation: Corporeal
Pronunciation: WĀR-wulf

A werewolf is a human who has unfortunately been infected by the disease/magical curse of lycanthropy. This provides them with the benefits of improved healing, enhanced senses, resistance to physical damage, and the means of transforming into a large and powerful human-wolf hybrid. The terrible drawback is that under the light of the full moon, the afflicted human will transform into the monstrous werewolf shape, and lose their reason to bestial violence for the duration of the night.

Destiny Conclave

At the Destiny Conclave, the idea of registering werewolves, as well as vampires, gained momentum among powerful entities in the Magimundi, and that these registered werewolves would have easier access to Romulus Potions. This policy was supported by Arch Justice Montana Styles of Destiny Province, although it has not yet been put into motion in any province of the Magimundi. This notion is currently proving to be controversial. All cases of non-intentional lycan attacks in Destiny Province are also currently in queue to be re-evaluated.


While mostly common to Europe, Werewolves have survived covertly in North America, and can exist anywhere that humans can dwell in the Magimundi, with a preference for forest and wilderness areas.


The affliction of lycanthropy is transmitted through the bite or claws of a werewolf. Any wound that draws blood has an estimated 90% infection rate. After an initial bout of fever and nausea, the afflicted will appear to recover, but take notice of the more positive effects. Their skin will develop a more rough texture, teeth may lengthen, and they may suddenly grow thicker facial and body hair. The afflicted will not tend to discover the transformation until the lunar cycle forcibly initiates its first transformation. Afterwards they will find they can transform at will.

The treatment perfected by Peter Romulus effectively allows for an afflicted person to resist the lunar frenzy, so long as they can afford the treatment. Romulus Potions are notoriously difficult to create, and the ingredients are incredibly expensive, and furthermore, the finished product expires very quickly after it is created. These factors make treatment prohibitively expensive for most people.

Werewolf Manifestation

There are several instances where the manifestation of werewolves is incorrectly documented due to misunderstandings in the definition of 'phasic.' Some cryptozoologists mistakenly believed that this referred to something that changes shape and particularly with the terminology of 'phases of the moon' when in fact, "phasic" refers to something that is either partially spectral, or can change between being corporeal and spectral. There is no known instance of werewolves being able to walk through walls at this point in time and the categorization of 'phasic' is considered to be in error by most reputable cryptozoologists.


Werewolves are still human, and therefore omnivorous, though many develop a fondness for red meat if they had not previously had one. Werewolves in a lunar frenzy are basically carnivorous, and may also consume human flesh while in the lunatic state.

Magical Uses

Werewolf bone, teeth, and hair have all been used in the creation of powerful curses, or to enhance standard curses.


Werewolves are particularly vulnerable to weapons made of silver, magical effects from silver artifacts, and spells cast by silver wands. Contrary to speculation, they are not particularly vulnerable to “quicksilver” or silver nitrate. A werewolf in most cases can understand human speech, but cannot talk in their transformed state, so it may be worth attempting to negotiate unless the interaction takes place during the lunar frenzy. In that instance, the mage is best served by aggressively defending their life as escape from a frenzied werewolf is very unlikely.

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