Family: Spirit
Classification: Semi-sapient, Non-sapient
Manifestation: Spectral
Pronunciation: wis-per

We know the Whispers (wis-per) through their forms they take in our world: Corruptors. Whenever we summon a spirit through astromancy, we manipulate scarring in the fabric of our world, or open a new hole between worlds. It is thus why so much proper training and preparation is required to perform summoning with acceptable risk. It is through this scarring that occurs, that Whispers can enter our world from Psythyros (also known as The Whisper Realm).

Beings in Psythyros differ at a very basic level from any beings in our realm. As the colloquial namesake suggests, Whispers aren’t corporeal, nor do they necessarily have an independent identity. Their existence is fundamentally in flux and in motion, and they are mostly indistinct from other Whispers. They do have desires and urges, and natures or affinities that vary from physical (spiky, airy, hard, or even colors like red or blue), to feelings (anger, lust, tranquility, curiosity, mischief) or even intellectual ideals (honor, deceit, equanimity, balance, discord). Some Whispers have an emerging sentience, especially if they have had contact with our world. These semi-sentient Whispers desire to do what any sentient entity does: live. And by that, the most fundamental things about “living” are:

  1. Having a unique identity
  2. Exerting will
  3. Spreading ideas/influence/presence.

Even in the Whisper Realm, those Whispers that have gained a level of sentience have a stronger “hunger” or “seeking” — the burning desire to enter our world. Once in our world as a Corruptor, experiencing identity and material form, they don’t like going back.

More powerful Whispers have stronger identities in the Whisper Realm, especially those who have taken corporeal form as Corruptors in our world and then returned to the Whisper Realm. Becoming a Corruptor gives a taste for what identity and willpower is like, and thus returning it to the Whisper Realm leaves it with more power than when it first entered our realm. Though the Corruptor is reduced to a Whisper again, it retains some of its memory and knowledge of our world. Its Hunger for entering our world grows, and its ability to retain parts of its identity and nature strengthens. It will more urgently Seek to become embodied again, often insistently and insidiously seeking to exploit.


Whispers only exist in Psythyros, as when they enter our world they become Corruptors.


Whispers exist as drives, or hungers that are separate from a physical body. Very little is known of their biology when in Psythyros.


It is unknown if Whispers consume anything, however many scholars presume that they do not.

Magical Uses

A Whisper may be summoned as a Corruptor to aid in a particular ritual or to another end, but many find the practice excessively dangerous and ill-advised.


Whispers, being in Psythyros, present very little threat to people in our world. However, it may be assumed that as abstract beings, physical attacks would have very little effect on them and some degree of mind magic may need to be used.

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