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Cursebreaking involves the detailed understanding of the way all spells, particularly curses, function. The name for this field is something of a misnomer, as not everyone involved is seeking to actually break curses, some actually seek to find very precise uses of curses, or even the development of new spells. Someone who has studied cursebreaking, or works in the cursebreaking field, is called a cursebreaker.

Those who have pursued the Cursebreaker Major at a Magischola are dealing with magic itself more than any other path, both in theory and practice. They were originally founded to contend with the complicated and deadly ancient magical curses in tombs and historical sites, and their major’s name reflects this. In the modern era though, a Cursebreaker is the most knowledgeable Wizard to precisely determine by magical residual effects the details of a cast spell, making them invaluable detectives. Cursebreakers often specialize in runic translations, ancient languages, codes and cryptics of all sorts, and setting wards and protections (or disabling them). Cursebreakers often then create curses (or break them!) to protect property from those who would unlawfully take it from its owners. Finally, Cursebreakers are most qualified to create brand new spells and reverse engineer existing spells to improve their effects or make casting less inefficient or strenuous.

Types of Cursebreakers

This field of study can be applied in many ways, some notable ones include:

Uses skills to be able to reconstruct events based on magical trace evidence, includes providing forensic assistance to Marshals along with anyone focused on discovering truths. Cursebreakers who study to be detectives can oftentimes find gainful employment not just with the Magimundi government, but also with private investigation firms.
Focuses on the study of spell creation but also on the circumstances that affect spell outcomes. Spellcrafters often work with organizations to create spells that suit specific needs, from artificiers, to marshals, and beyond- everyone in the Magimundi uses the creations of spellcrafters when they use their wand.
Focuses on the dismantling of curses viewing them as an affront to all living things. These cursebreakers often find gainful employment in the field of cleansing artifacts for sale, or even removing curses from buildings and spaces. A number of purifiers work as a sort of magical crime scene cleaning crew, clearing away dangerous lingering magics.
Cursebreaker Breaker
Focusing on the creation of curses that exceed the abilities of modern cursebreakers. Those who go into this field are often those who enjoy a great deal of competition, because there is an understanding that in this ever-evolving field there will never be a defined finish line because as curses become better, so do cursebreakers. They often receive grants from organizations and firms for research and development and oftentimes work alongside Magical Security Experts.
Tomb Raider
Focuses on bypassing curses in order to obtain whatever the curse seeks to protect, also includes the modern burgler or artifact retrieval specialist. Cursebreakers in this field will oftentimes find work with magical archaeologists to find secrets tucked away in hard to reach areas, but they may also work alongside Magical Security Experts and Cursebreaker Breakers to test their security measures in development of new systems.
Magical Security Expert
This modern era cursebreaker uses their knowledge of curses to protect their client's property. Magical security experts are hired by almost every high profile institution in the Magimundi, from banks, to top corporations, and even Virginia Isle.

Famous Cursebreakers

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