Consilio et Prudentia
By Wisdom and Foresight
Dan Obeah
Founder: Tituba
Mascot: Raven
Colors: Green & Silver

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The crest for Dan Obeah features the house mascot: the raven, a wise and cunning magical familiar that is not to be underestimated. With colors of green and silver, Obeah is connected to the earth, to healing and renewal, and to the magical ores and elements that grow within it. The phases of the moon symbolize growth, change, and transformation, both magical — as the founder is a shapeshifter — and throughout one’s life as one continues to incorporate new knowledge and become closer to one’s authentic self. The motto, “By Wisdom and Foresight” (Consilio et Prudentia), demonstrates the importance of knowledge and clear-thinking in all things, most especially in taking care of others and the environment.

The shield shape and weapons evoke the African heritage of the house founder, a woman who elected never to reveal her actual name, but came to be known as “Tituba” based on a common disguise she used. A powerful Wizard of Ashanti origin, the person we now know as Tituba journeyed to the Caribbean and South America before taking up residence in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, seeking to heal and teach magic. Tituba is a healer, midwife, shaman, and a nagual (a mage who transforms into a leopard or jaguar). She recognized that healing sometimes means surgical excision, and that can mean removing a scourge from society by sometimes unorthodox means in order to achieve greater health for the community. Her expertise in botany, ritual, potion making, and the relationship between the spirit and physical world were sought after by the wizened from around the world, and more than once she helped restore the essential energetic balance among beings.

The raven holds a broken chain, both symbolizing freedom from the literal enslavement of Tituba and other people of African origin in the New World, and the freedom of the mind that wisdom brings. Members of Dan Obeah seek to break free of barriers and to use knowledge to transform the world.


Many members of Dan Obeah (Dan is the word for ”house” in Akan, the first language spoken by Tituba) come from prominent families of magical heritage from Destiny Province. However, any mage can be accepted into Dan Obeah, and house members particularly seek out those with the shape-shifting ability, an interest in healing, and students with exceptional knowledge and skills who wish to use them for justice.

Students sorted into Dan Obeah have a thirst for knowledge, and believe in its power to bring freedom from enslavement. They value transformation, renewal, and wisdom, and they strive to use your formidable power, skill, and clear-thinking for good. They seek harmony, consensus, and symbiosis, but also recognize when something toxic needs to be eliminated, and aren’t afraid to be the one to do it.


Tituba, founder of Dan Obeah.
A lot of legend exists about Tituba, including that she was Native American, West African, a combination of Black and “Indian”, or from the West Indies. Those in the Wizarding world know the answer to this confusion is simply, “yes.” Tituba was also a blackstag, a yellow boar, a winged woman, a fox, a jaguar, a raven, and any number of other forms: Tituba was a nagual (nah-gwahl), a shapeshifter, and her powers were formidable. Most Nagual can only change into a single animal.

In the mundane world, she was a slave of the Parris family of Danvers, Massachusetts, a position that granted her access to the inner circle of European settlers about whom she and other members of the Wizarding world in neighboring tribes were profoundly curious. A powerful witch, Tituba was also adept at imbuing objects with magic, and she used her role as a slave responsible for cooking meals to create “witch cakes” which could ward off or create curses on those who would eat them. When Tituba noticed that several members of the Puritan settlement—Sarah Osborne, Sarah Good, and later, Abigail Williams—possessed magical talent, she made the decision to began mentoring them and teaching them how to control their powers and keep them hidden in the presence of non-magical peers.

Regardless of her intentions, Abigail Williams turned on the group and blamed her "fits" (evidence of her own magical power) on the other three in an attempt to draw blame from herself. Though Good was hanged for witchcraft and Osborne died in prison awaiting trial, Tituba escaped lasting harm even though she confessed to practicing the occult and gave wildly vivid, and completely false, testimony about her magical practices. Her “confession” of fabricated practices was designed to keep the actual magical community and its methods a secret, as well as an attempt to protect her pupils.

After more than a year of the aggravation and inconvenience remaining nominally imprisoned, she called on the help of certain Ojibwe Wizards who elected to help secure her release in exchange for the mundane money she had accumulated by selling potions and curing all manners of unusual ailments. By the time of her release, the European Magical Culture had dominated the New World. She traveled to the Outer Banks of North Carolina and found Virginia Dare. Many of the students today, repeat her journey along the coast before their first day of school, in hopes of gleaning some of the power and serenity she gathered. It is called “Taking the Long Way Here”.

Tituba brought her magical heritage to New World Magischola, where she knew that it would be respected and shared with future generations. This was one of the great appeals of this new institution, and how it contrasted the most with the preexisting Imperial Magischola of Massachusetts Bay.

House Ghost

M. Ainsworth (1621-1653) is a graduate of P2A4, where the school failed to tame their wild behavior and ideas. Ainsworth was recruited to New World Magischola by Tituba herself, and became the school’s first officially appointed cryptozoology professor. With a fierce belief in the beauty (and benevolence) of all magical creatures, Ainsworth brought a chupacabra on campus for a lesson, and was killed when the creature was startled and bit the professor. Ainsworth loves explaining to students who should be in Dan Obeah or why Dan Obeah is the best house, whether they want to hear it or not. They can be seen conversing with cryptozoologist professors and students about their thoughts and knowledge on the subject. They are excited and passionate about their ideas ( a bit overwhelming at times) and they continue to campaign for a meat-free diet. During meals they will try to educate people on the cruelty they are supporting, often leading to someone telling you to leave the dining hall.


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