Esther de Lucena
Other Names: Esther Campanal
Occupation: Alchemist, Author
Status: Deceased

Esther de Lucena was a renowned expert of alchemy, who published many works anonymously and under her second husband, Isaac de Lucena's name, due to refusals by publishers to accept her work on account of her gender.

Early Life

Esther was an incredibly inquisitive person with a keen interest in alchemy and the natural world. She gave herself to in depth study which developed an in depth understanding of her chosen subject matter, despite the obstructions to her education due to her gender.

Through her first marriage, she had a son by the name of Moses.

Isaac de Lucena

In 1670, Esther met Isaac de Lucena, a professor at Imperial Magischola of Massachusetts Bay and parabotanist. Their conversations began in regards to making sure that her son was well adjusted and enjoying his time at school. Esther had skill in alchemy herself, and she and Isaac recognized almost immediately that they were kindred spirits: both quick-minded and deeply curious about the natural world. It was through these conversations that the two of them began to realize feelings for one another.

They married shortly after. Isaac became a loving stepfather to Moses, and later, Esther had four more children with Isaac.

Published Works

Esther was an incredibly skilled alchemist, and due to her gender, no European press would publish her works and findings. In response to this, she and Isaac de Lucena had her works published under his name. The two of them continued this for a number of years, and only in recent years are scholars beginning to sort out which spouse wrote which books. It is believed that several anonymous works can also be attributed to Esther de Lucena as well.


Originally regarded as little more than the spouse of Isaac de Lucena, recent findings are beginning to give Esther de Lucena the recognition that she deserves for the advancements that she has made to the world of alchemy.

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