Foxfire Castellaw
Other Names: None
Occupation: Author, Cryptozoologist
Status: Deceased

Foxfire Castellaw was a Wizard and cryptozoologist who is known for his gift for organization and description which eventually brought him to creating the "Compendium of Local Creatures" This publication was a breakthrough, sorting out the apocryphal information from what Castellaw referred to as "the good stuff." This work eventually lead him to write The Compendium of North American Cryptids & Magical Creatures.

Early Life

Little is known about the early life of Foxfire Castellaw, however we do know that he had a rather contentious relationship with his brother, Ignatius Castellaw.


Foxfire Castellaw suffered from having a rather poor memory. Rather than allow this to inhibit his ability as a wizard or cryptozoologist, Foxfire instead created what began as a rudimentary filing system by means of enchanting sheets of parchment and creating an artifact charcoal pencil. This system, hand-in-hand with his adept skill at organization and description brought about the first edition of the "Compendium of Local Creatures." The breakout success of this work traveled quickly throughout the Magimundi, and readers demanded an expanded edition, and so Foxfire began his tour of the Magimundi to document the various cryptids and magical creatures. At the end of his life, he was happy that his "little book" inspired so many cryptozoologists. Below is the foreward from the first edition of The Compendium of North American Cryptids & Magical Creatures:

Hello. Thank you for electing to take a bit of your time to read my little book. I apologize for being a bit verbose from time to time. I've tried to keep the reading down to a minimum, and deliver the relevant information as concisely as possible. That said, the book is too long, and I'd really like to get it down to even less, but folks have been telling me that the book is just fine, and they may be telling the truth rather than trying to stop me from making yet another edit so they can send it to the publisher. I never saw myself as a writer of books, just someone who benefitted from having good, useful information handy when it was needed. So that's what this was. But I am very happy to know that enough other people found this information handy as well, enough so they'd buy it. It's a strange thing. If my older brother were alive, and I told him, "Oh by the way, I have become a writer," he would most likely reply "What in the devil do you know enough of to write down to fill two pages, let alone a whole book, and what would make anybody with a sound mind want to read what you think you know?" Well, Ignatius, my older brother, though I love you as family should and must, you were wrong about me, needlessly unkind to everyone else around you too, and finally dead and buried in your own grave due to your own stupidity and arrogance. So, how do you like them apples, Iggy? I seem to have wandered from the central topic once again. Please excuse me. What I mean to say is that I thank you for reading, and I hope that you find the book useful and informative. If you discover any new information, or maybe just something I have missed, please do send me a letter with as much detail and documentation as possible so I can improve this work. While I did perform a lot of the work of the writing of this book, the fact is that I met many different and wonderful people who were there to provide me with all sorts of help, not just information, but to bring me around where they live and show me the things that needed to be seen. I do not believe I have another tour of the Provinces in me, but your letters and drawings and correspondence are of great help. Now this introduction is too long. I humbly apologize. Please take care.


Foxfire Castellaw's book, "Compendium of Local Creatures" still exists today as the "Compendium of North American Cryptids & Magical Creatures," and is updated periodically as cryptozoologists uncover more information. Most recently, the 150th Anniversary Edition was printed with annotations by Wyn Diego. This text is regarded as indispensible by cryptozoologists of discernment and serves as a testament to Foxfire Castellaw's important work.

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