A list of spells found in text books or official sources.


  • Averto: (ah-VER-toh) Forces the opponent to point away their wand until counter-acted,
  • Confusa: (con-FOO-sah) Disorient the senses of an opponent; confusing them. (Original Mention of Spell: Runic Magic part of the Brevischola top level $10K tier on the Kickstarter)
  • Kakraka Yaw: (kack-RAW-kuh yaw) Delivers intense pain. (May only be used by accredited Marshals with documented authorization.)
  • Kàpakamigà: (KAH-puh-kah-mee-GAH) Quickly and violently dehydrates the target. Fatal to arboreal or insectoid creatures; other creatures require antidotal hydration spells or other healing.
  • Insandigé: (in-SAN-dee-gay) creates a precise blast of intense heat that can, in some cases, be incendiary. Haitian Creole in origin. Used to fight Revenants at a battle in Savannah, Georgia. It seems to be quite effective against the undead. (Original Mention of Spell)
  • Flabrum Diabolicum: (FLAY-brum di-uh-BOH-lee-cum) Call forth a violent whirlwind that can be directed at a threat.
  • Pangate: (PUHN-guh-tay) Silence; render an opponent without speech
  • Sagakì: (SUH-guh-kee) Suspend an opponent; akin to sleep or hibernation
  • Tesla Telum: (TES-luh telum) An unseen bolt of force, that upon striking an opponent will give them the sensation of a severe shock.
  • Pejig Pàgingwe: (Pay-JICK PAH-gin-gway … both “g’s” are hard “g”) temporarily locks a shapeshifter into its current form.


  • Deflecto: (dee-FLECK-toh) deflect or push aside a spell; nullifies the original spell
  • Akandò: (uh-kuhn-doo) Deflect or guard against a spell cast upon you.
  • Pàgakwàn: (PAH-guh-kwahn) A defensive shield against physical attacks. Requires intense concentration to maintain.
  • Magica Tutor: (ma-jick-ah tutor) Defensive guardian; particularly effective against magical attacks.
  • Shib: (sheeb) Endurance; magically enhanced fortitude to resist an attack.
  • Cacaphonio: (cah-cah-fone-ee-oh) conjures a series of loud and confusing noises to disrupt hearing and equilibrium and provide an opportunity for escape.
  • Kagàzonge: (kuh-GAH-zahn-gay) resist fear effects, bolster courage


  • Mindjidwe: (mihn-DJIH-dway) Exert control over someone; forcing them to do your will. *may only be used by certified marshals under sanctioned circumstances.
  • Appeler: (AH-puh-ley) Call or summon an object.
  • Fin: (fin) Dispel or end a magical effect.
  • Lumen: (LOO-men) Call forth light.
  • Mutamemoria: (MOO-tah-meh-MOHR-ee-ah) Alter a person’s memories. (May only be used by accredited healers and Marshals.)
  • Nòdjimo: (NOW-jeh-moo) Heal a wound

(Original Mention of Untagged Spells: NWM World Document)


See also: Custom Spells created by players of NWM.

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