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Larping stands for Live Action Role Playing. It’s basically playing pretend for adults, or a giant piece of long-form improv theater. For a few days, we as people come together and take on different lives and step into another world. It’s an inherently collaborative art form, in which everyone is both an actor and part of the audience. We all build another world together! Everyone has a character, and for the duration of the weekend, you do whatever you think the character would do in that situation. There’s no script to follow, or right or wrong choices. You do what you think will be most interesting for the story and for your fellow players!

There are many styles of larping and many different larp communities around the world. Games within the Magimundi setting are designed to be rules-light and as quick to learn as possible. You don’t need a storyteller or mediator to determine what happens in a scene, just your fellow players and your sense of improvisation! Larping can be joyous, heartbreaking, intense, hilarious, and just about every other emotion under the sun.

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