Morts-Vivants is a mysterious vampire-only city situated in the Dominican Republic on the island of Hispaniola. Morts-Vivants, as the name implies, is a city administered and largely populated by vampires. It is a haven for vampires and has tightly-controlled diplomatic relations with Solaris Province and Virginia Isle. Extreme measures are used to ensure that Morts-Vivants secrets are not shared with outsiders. Shrouded in a permanent and magical fog, the city is located in remote central Hispaniola. Mundane locals from the neighboring countries of Haiti and the Dominican Republic avoid the area, and legends tell of blood-sucking fiends that haunt the forest. Located in Morts-Vivants is a vampire academy by the name of Mortischola.

A Cold War with Solaris Province has been achieved for the past century, with Magimundi citizens tolerating the occasional presence of vampires on the continent, so long as they stay in line. Outpost communities of vampires exist in the New Orleans, Savannah, and Jacksonville areas. When trouble breaks out, these groups flee back to Morts-Vivants and the fragile detente weakens. Anti-vampire sentiment in the province is increasing, especially after the sanctioned execution of a vampire by Arch Justice Snodgrass, and New World Magischola's flaunting of Provincial Decree by hiring a vampire professor.

Relations with Virginia Isle seem to be somewhat more positive, with rumors that the two private communities engage in trade with one another.

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