Step 1

  • Sign up for an account! We don't allow anonymous editing of the wiki.
  • Verify your email address so we're know you're not spam. This is important, you cannot add pages/files without doing this first.

Step 2

  • Figure out what you'd like to add to the wiki. For simplicity, we'll use a character journal as an example.
  • Search for the title of the page you want to make. Example: "Samara Charpentier's Journal"
  • The search may or may not turn up results, depending on your page title. Check the results to make sure you're not adding duplicates.
  • If you're sure it's not a duplicate and/or there are no results, there is bold text that will say Create the page "PAGE TITLE" on this wiki!. Click the page title, which should be a red link.

Step 3

  • Add your content here! There will be a large text box, go forth and populate!
  • Add categories at the bottom of your entry by typing [[Category:CATEGORY NAME]]. For an IC Journal, we would type [[Category:IC Journals]]. This automatically adds your page to the proper categories!
    • Example Categories: Terminology, Canon Characters, Fan Fiction, NWM1, NWM2, etc.
    • You can always add/remove categories, so don't stress if you add the wrong one.
  • Save your page! To continue editing it: Visit it whenever you like, and hit the "Edit" button next to the page title.

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