Psythyros (SĪ-ther-os), or The Whisper Realm, is a plane of existence of chaotic magic and semi-sentient beings that are known as Whispers while in Psythyros, and as Corruptors when in our world. While Psythyros and The Whisper Realm are the most common name for this place in the Magimundi, it is also known by many other names, such as Kaskwe (kask-wā) to many native North Americans, “Dream World” (mistakenly), “The Inverted Lands,” “Purgatory,” “The Aether,” “The Dark Kingdom,” and still other names throughout history. The Ancient Greek philosopher Socrates wrote that he had “voices whispering in his ear.” He mostly ignored them, and he used them as an antithesis for his sense of morality.

Wizards are able to affect Psythyros through the use of magic, its true nature has proven beyond the grasp of even our greatest Wizards, but has been described as a primordial soup of chaotic magic, unformed but with emerging sentience. Forces and loosely-formed spirits swirl, combine, mix, and clash there endlessly. These forces are what we refer to as Whispers and are named such because of the way they reach out to magic-users (and sometimes mundanes) in a semi-conscious “whispering” through a “Scarring” — a hole or weak spot between two realms.

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