The Order of the Aeolian Horn is a secret society that is dedicated to preserving, cataloging, and protecting magical knowledge and their motto is “pulvis et umbra sumus” (we are dust and shadow). Members of the Order also rescue items of magical importance from both mundanes and wizards who would seek to do great harm with the acquired power. While some critics call the Order’s work “trafficking” and “reacquisition,” many members have worn that criticism as a badge of honor.

Members of the Order are also the keepers of a powerful proto-language known as “Anémou Glóssa” (A-ne-mū/GLŌ-sa) or “The Wind Tongue.” This ancient magical language connects to many modern runic and magical language systems, according to some scholars who worked without the benefit of access to this highly secret language. Although magic can be done with an incantation in any language, legend states that this language is the earliest and most powerful. Some consider it “the language of magic itself.” Others assert, however, that this language is a fabrication by The Order of the Aeolian Horn in order to enable them to hide and hoard magical knowledge for themselves.

The Order of the Bounded Star

The Order of the Bounded Star was created in opposition of The Order of the Aeolian Horn, seeking to take their secret knowledge and distribute it to the people openly. In the eleventh and twelfth centuries, however, their mission changed. Capturing and torturing members of the Aeolian Horn yielded no secrets. Frustrated by hundreds of years of failed attempts, they decided they would now seek to destroy the knowledge and the Aeolian Horn itself. If this power would not be shared with all, then the Bounded Star believed it should be destroyed in order to keep a balance of power.

In reaction, the Order of the Aeolian Horn, originally full of erudite and mild-mannered librarians and archivists, evolved into an underground guerilla force to protect knowledge from destruction. To many, they were heroes. To others, they represented an elitist hierarchy who hoarded power, while the Bounded Star were the true heroes.

Notable Members

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