Some of the finest Wizard shopping can be found on Virginia Isle, and twice per year selected shoppers are allowed limited entry to visit The Penumbra, the ring of exclusive stores and artisans catering to the elite. At these twice-yearly Conclaves, gathered elites sample the latest in fashion, food, artificery, and performance art. Those ideas blessed by the Isle Traders tend to go on to wild success, while those rejected fall into ignominy. The original shop of Cheshire & Chance, the finest traditional robemakers, can be found in the Penumbra, with personal tailors and couturiers still fastidiously attending to their customers who select the finest fabrics and furs. Wands from Delaney & Devereux, haberdashery from Hildeberth Holmwood, millinery by Mildred Milford, and curiosities from Fitzroy & Hathaway are among the most prestigious items to own and flaunt. A new fashion trend is unveiled each year by prominent contemporary designer Nigel Peacock, with knock-offs quick to follow in lesser shops on the continent.

The first theater in North America was created on Virginia Isle, The Painted Pixiu, founded by Firenzum Edward Smith Radcliffe Zephyrous, Roland Radcliffe, and Georgias Burke.

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