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Take risks and get involved! Remember that you control what happens to your character, and since it is always your choice what effect spells have on you, you have the freedom to safely explore situations that could be dangerous! Drink that unusual potion, confront the frightening student or professor, participate in the strange ritual, seek out hidden clubs. Find your story.

But where to begin? You have a character and some information about the world, as well as the resources of a character coach to get you started. If you are a Second or Third year student, you are part of a House and can consult with your House groups and House Presidents, who are there to help build play with you. If you are a First Year, you have your fellow First Years and of course many Houses will be interested in learning about you to recruit you to their House. There are always the Professors to consult with as well. Remember your character sheet is a beginning—you can expand on it to make it your own! If you would like to have more relationships, friends, enemies or any other type of relationship that isn’t on your sheet,feel free to build on them with other players. Consider your character’s favorite subjects, their feelings on issues like their heritage, their family, the Magimundi in general, their attitude on school—and any number of other subjects. Make them yours!

Be open and communicate! This goes for out of game situations, like not knowing what to do or where to begin, and in game as well. When you engage with other characters in the game and add to the experience,you are likely to take more enjoyment out of the experience. You may have a very dark and destructive secret in your background that normally your character would never reveal—let these slip out! If you go through the whole larp and no one has learned a thing about your dark secret, it hasn’t really been any fun for everyone to play. But if you do let it slip and you have to confront the consequences it can lead to very dramatic and memorable play—not just for you, but everyone who gets involved.

Remember this is a marathon—not a sprint! This is a weekend-long larp. Though it will seem to go by very fast and be a great deal of fun (if not, please make sure to contact an organizer, House President or Professor to correct that situation), there is a lot of time for play. Pace yourself—stay hydrated, eat properly, sleep and take breaks as you need them. Sometimes you might need a break from the emotions of a scene too—that’s okay, there are safe spaces for that and people to talk to if you need to as well! See the Player Safety and Care section for that information.

Play to lose, play to win, but most of all, play for the experience! You might be very good at your classes, or you might struggle with them. You might be a very good duelist, or you may not know a fighting spell to save your life. You may earn a lot of house points, or you may get in a great deal of trouble and lose points! You may end up doing community service, but that should also be interesting! Play the game as you want to play it. You may like grand scale plots and schemes that are dramatic and high stakes, or you may enjoy the experience of being a student and making potions and your school work, and the drama of asking that special someone to the Formal Dance. All of this and anything between is more than okay.

Most of all—respect your other players. There will be over a hundred different players with any number of different play styles at this game, and we consider that an advantage—not a hindrance! If there is something going on you don’t want to participate in, simply walk away. Opt out. Just around the corner, there is sure to be something else which you will enjoy more—so spend your time enjoying the experience rather than making it a bad experience for anyone else. Opt in to the experiences you want to be a part of. Opt out of those you do not.

Conflict is great—between characters. Make certain you are getting into character conflict and if you are finding yourself upset with another player, break the scene if you need to in order to resolve it. Or just step away and find something that you’ll enjoy more. You’ll have time at the end of the larp to debrief and to talk about your feelings and to have a discussion with other players about what happened in game.

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