Wyn Diego
Other Names: None
Occupation: Cryptozoologist, Media Personality
Status: Deceased

Early Life

Very little is known of Wyn Diego's early life other than that he does not hail from an unsoiled family. Rather, it appears to be that records of his early life are either very well hidden, or destroyed.


Wyn Diego's career as a cryptozoologist first took off when he published techniques for the capture of soucriants. He claims to have created a method of removing a soucriant's skin, and capturing them in an artifact vacuum chamber that prevents the creature from fleeing in its fiery form. Wyn Diego claims that it was the sale of this method to interested parties that gave him the Leeuwendaalders needed to finance his career.

Wyn Diego is well known across the Magimundi for his expeditions and adventures, which when published, are wildly popular. His gripping accounts of journeys to the bottom of the sea to locate the lair of the lightning snakes or even into the air to document the nests of the mighty thunderbirds always garnered him places at the top of best seller lists. Traveling with Wyn Diego was a dangerous task that was never for the faint of heart, as oftentimes those with him on expeditions would meat their end. One notable example is Wyn Diego's companion Herbert.

For many years, Wyn Diego was associates with a wampus cat outcast by the name of Herbert who is noted for weilding a mundane rifle with enchanted bullets, eating tofu, and dual wielding wands. In Wyn Diego's own words, Herbert was "...the smartest and greediest person I ever knew. I miss him terribly..." Records show that in an unfortunate accident, Herbert's cabin caught fire, and then he was lifted into the air by a tornado, which proceeded to throw him into a nearby frozen lake.

Notable Achievements

The following is a list of achievements which are attributed to Wyn Diego.


Like most celebrities, Wyn Diego was not free from controversy. Detractors of his character will point out the manner in which he conducts himself, in that he was frequently very opinionated and honest to a fault. These groups often attribute this behavior to a general lack of good breeding, good taste, and good upbringing. Further, they call attention to the way numerous cryptids appear to have actively disliked him. Examples of this range from mannegishi refusing to make themselves known before him, gobwins referring to him as a "barbarian," and mishipeshu denying him gifts (while offering them to every single one of his present contemporaries) four times. Attempts to bring attention to this have been met with legal action and claims of defamation.

Many of his contemporaries in the field of cryptozoology claimed that Wyn Diego has stolen their research and findings in order to declare them as his own. It is believed that a most of these claimants have since settled out of court. At one point, a tupilaq was enlisted to take revenge on Wyn Diego, it is unknown to the public if this event was related to this activity.

The following is a list of notable court cases in which Wyn Diego has taken part.

  • Numerous defamation cases.
  • Numerous cases concerning the theft of intellectual property.
  • Case in Destiny Province, Wyn Diego is attempting to receive permissions to pursue the Jersey Devil after being expressly forbidden from government.
  • Case in Destiny Province, Wyn Diego is attempting to claim harvested mermaid parts and artifacts that were obtained by course of self defense.
  • Case in Solaris Province, an environmentalist group is bringing a case against Wyn Diego claiming that he is responsible for the creation of caustic squonks, which are causing significant damage to the natural landscape.


Shortly after turning in his annotations for the 150th anniversary edition of The Compendium of North American Cryptids & Magical Creatures, Wyn Diego went missing on an expedition with Virginia Isle traders and presumed dead.

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